Brand / Digital

Luke King Racing

Repositioning a racing car team for Luke King Racing.

The situation

After meeting Luke at a drive day, we recognised that he had no brand recognition on the race track or online and needed some help with social media awareness and marketing.

The solution

Through a series of workshops, getting to know Luke and his team and understanding the challenges of motorsport, we have repositioned Luke King Racing with a new identity, increased his brand visibility on and off track and provided him with a strategy and assets to achieve as much success off the track as he does on. Our work with Luke saw him win the Publicity Star Award from Toyota Racing Australia in 2017 and an increase of social engagement by over 70%. 



”Being introduced to the JSD team has really given me an important insight to the world of design and branding, showing me how important it is to create a unique image. The expertise of the team across many fields has helped me enhance and build my brand in making a professional career in motorsport.”

Luke King, Owner.


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