Liverpool Innovation Precinct - Website

Liverpool Innovation Precinct - Website

Liverpool Innovation Precinct UX, UI and coding for KJA.

The situation

The Liverpool Innovation Precinct was advocating for funding from the NSW Government to promote Liverpool as a medical and tech hub. Given there was no online presence, we were presented with an exciting clean slate to work with.  

The solution

The primary objective was to create a website that told the story of the precinct, showcasing a snapshot of Liverpool as it is now alongside the future vision.

JSD-Liverpool-Innovation Precinct - website devices.png

The client required an information site with a simple CMS that is easy for project managers to update. We designed and developed the site using Squarespace, a hosted CMS solution. Squarespace has a great user experience for the back end and is incredibly easy (and enjoyable) to use.

Project tasks

  • Establish the technical and creative brief

  • Information Architecture

  • UX and sketch wireframes

  • UI design

  • Coding

  • Google map integration

  • Content creation and population

  • Testing and deployment

  • Social media graphics


Our strategy was to break up the content into digestible visual sections to create story flow.  The user could get context on the background information through diagrams, infographics at a higher level before drilling down into detail

We ensured the pages linked through with decision points at the bottom of each page for the user to continue their journey.

The client's objective was to provide enough information to their primary audience, NSW Government, to provide a supporting information for funding.


The client was successful in securing funding of $744m from the NSW Government to move the project forward and reimagine the Liverpool Innovation Precinct.


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