Time to say goodbye to 15yrs of JSD!

Time to say goodbye to 15yrs of JSD!

Goodbyes are never easy and this one has taken a few years to come about. After 15 years of being JSD, it’s time for a change with new opportunities.

Why did I decide to close?

I was looking to close/sell/merge the business in a few years time, but I accelerated my decision to close now. Looking ahead at the industry and factoring in competition, accessibility of online design apps, businesses bringing design in-house and JSD being a small business, it’s the right commercial decision. I also wanted to close the business on a good note, which we did, achieving our highest revenue target in the life of the business.

I’ve learnt so much...probably more than if I’d worked for different businesses over the last 15 years. It hasn’t always been easy and no one really talks about how hard it is. Over the years, there have been times with little revenue and work. Periods of worrying about new business, whether we won that tender we submitted, even with the best of planning, contracts that we’d been approved of - not going ahead. Late nights and weekend work to deliver last minute work. I’m sure this sounds familiar to a lot of people!

Then there were the times where we successfully won projects and were able to grow the business. I'm proud I grew JSD with no external investment or business partners. It’s been the great staff and suppliers that have had our clients return to us again and again.

Personally, I needed a change after 15 years. It was time to explore options to increase my knowledge and challenge myself.

This infographic sums up the last 15 years.


Where do I start?

I think to say a big thank you to Peter Smith firstly as he was JSD’s first client and has supported the business over the years and kindly referred clients to us. I’ve worked on some incredibly interesting, high profile planning and urban projects. It’s always the people behind them that I’ve learnt so much from. Thank you to the 600+ clients that have trusted JSD to deliver their work. It’s been a big and interesting mix of government and SMEs.

Not only have we had an amazing array of clients, I’ve had the opportunity of working with so many great staff, designers and suppliers who have been instrumental in the quality of work we’ve produced.

I’d like to thank Richard Scenna for being the first addition to JSD who helped put in processes and bring corporate knowledge to boost JSD’s professionalism. To Linda Keys, our first employee, who after making a career change from corporate to design, joined JSD and has since moved onto Isobar specialising in UX. To Jeff Lim, who helped JSD with marketing in the early days, referred work and a provided lot of advice along the way. To Sophie Spencer who joined us after some time off to be a mum. She has been a massive help with being a project manager, bookkeeping and operations.

It’s been a pleasure working with these talented designers and consultants: Julian Nicol, Jen Walker, Adrian Dharma, Ryan Fong, Christina Sinn, Blair Harvey, Damien Ah Sam, Grattan Crawford, Morris Rojas, Andy Paul, Ben Carew, King Yong, Dave Boyce, Justin De Knock, Thilo Pulch, Stefan Vogt and so many more that have freelanced for JSD over the years.

We have had the pleasure of partnering with these highly valued people and businesses: Kathy and the team at KJA, Tara from Topdeck Communications, Scott from Platform6, Nicole from Media Opps and Steve & Leanne at Bugseye. Thank you for the work and support.

A big thank you to my suppliers behind the scenes making sure work gets delivered on time. Anna and Doug from EcoDesign EcoPrint who always deliver quality printing. Brian from RipGraphics who has delivered so many great large format products.

What are my next steps?

My aim is to go and work for a creative business in a new capacity and there are a few opportunities of which I’ll be able to announce further details in a few weeks.

Thank you again and please keep in touch and connect with me on LinkedIn.