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The Power of Digital Marketing

Digital content strategy creation, implementation and management is one of our specialities, and we want to share some of our key insights into how to give your brand a killer online campaign! If you’re thinking of implementing a digital marketing campaign for your brand, reach out and see how we can help!


...with the basics

Identify your target audience and think about the types of platforms you will need to advertise on to reach them. Consider the objectives and KPIs of your advertising campaign. Example:

  • Sales/increasing leads
  • Revenue increase
  • Brand awareness
  • Increasing online engagement
  • Reach social influencer status within your field

Analyse the aesthetic

  • Does your brand have a recognisable logo and colour scheme?
  • Do you require a brand refresh before you get started? Think about what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • What is everyone else in your field doing and where are the potential gaps? What do people need from your business - remember, people may not realise this until it’s put before them!

Cut through the noise!

A careful consideration of your KSPs (Key Selling Points) will help shape your ad into one that will cut through the online noise of. Make sure you include:

  • A catchy headline
  • Succinct messaging that is to-the-point and descriptive. Sell your product in one sentence (think about that pesky elevator pitch we all had to do at least once in high school or uni)
  • If you’re advertising on social media, identify the peak day and times for your business page and set your ads live around these times. It’s even worthwhile increasing your $ bid during these peak times. Think about creating a lookalike Facebook audience to really maximise your spend!

Track your results

Digital marketing campaigns often come with instant reporting, especially ads and boosted posts on social media channels. We highly recommend you stay on top of your stats (CTR, CPC, CPM etc.) to ensure you’re maximising your budget. AB testing is also a great way to test what sorts of ads work best for your target audience

Reach out with any questions you might have - we’d love to help!