How social media can take your brand’s ROI to the next level without breaking the bank
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How social media can take your brand’s ROI to the next level without breaking the bank

Social media can help you achieve some serious awareness and online sales results without breaking the bank on ad spend - all  you have to do is make friends with the pesky algorithm and give people what they want!

Think about how many times you check your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts during the day. Now think about how many products, recipes, life hacks and interesting bits of information you’ve discovered from a video, meme or image. Of those posts, 80% are most likely ads or have been posted from a brand page.

If you’re not on social media then we congratulate you (keep in mind, LinkedIn counts!), but the truth is that whether we’re willing to admit it or not, social media plays a huge part in everyone’s lives, placing it as the strongest tool for brand awareness and customer engagement.

“How can it be that easy?” we hear you ask. It’s as simple as identifying your objectives and target audience then creating a strategy and a content calendar that appeals to your wider demographic.

How do you do this? Think about your target audience and customer base and then think about them in the form of a Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. The best way to gain social media fans who will turn into paying customers is to think outside of the box; you want to feed them content that will have them tagging friends in your posts and liking your page. The key rule here is to stop posting about your brand or product every day and give the people what they want!

Think about online fashion stores and what they post - content that young females can relate to, such as friendship memes and puppy videos. These young babes are liking the posts and tagging friends, and after a few tags they’re then liking the page and it’s all smooth sailing from here. All the brand has to do is post a sale item, play with some segmented audience targeting, chuck a few dollars on a boost (and we promise you, at this point it doesn’t have to be much!) and thousands of engaged users and soon to be customers are going to be hit with an offer they can’t refuse!

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