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Investing in Design Increases Your Brand Value

Let’s be honest, we’ve all made a purchase based on packaging or the way a website looks. Who can blame us? Pretty pictures are irresistible! But have you ever wondered how your favourite brands got their colour scheme or package designs? The process behind evoking emotions in a buyer or purchasing decision maker is a lengthy one, and whilst we love it, it’s pretty intense. 

A design is much more than just whipping some shapes together in photoshop and we’re seeing more and more people turn to the likes of Canva or design source websites for design solutions. Graphic and digital design has become an extremely quick turnaround industry. Design is an investment that establishes brands and awareness, generates income and supports people's liveliehoods, businesses and organisations, so why aren’t people willing to invest the time it needs to ensure ensure a solid return on investment?

Cutting corners might save a few extra bucks to put into the team Christmas party, but the return on investment from a good design could send you and your team to the rooftop rather than the bar down the road. You feel what we’re saying?

Behind every design is a set of objectives and obstacles, and sometimes the client doesn’t realise how many objectives need to be considered. Within this, there is an entire strategy creation that comes into play and a process that ensues to implement this strategy.

Remember to always give your designers the time they need to give you the product that you deserve. Some things to think about when choosing your designer, and most importantly, when working with them.

Look at their portfolio - do you feel their current body of work will allow them to represent your brand?

Make sure they understand you -  Have they taken the time to understand the brief and your organisation? Have they given you a return brief to make sure they’ve interpreted your requirements correctly? This is a key part to ensuring you will get a bang for your buck!

You get what you pay for - if your quote feels too good to be true, then it probably is. You need a designer who has the capabilities to deliver a design that has been put together with research, strategy and time.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products from research, briefs, strategies and concepts right through to final artwork and campaign implementation. Feel free to get in touch and see how we can help you!