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Don’t like spending time proofing?

We know a lot of our clients are under time pressures and need to get documents out quickly, and we also know that mistakes are usually made at the last 10% of the proofing journey. Whether it be a rush job or you're simply running out of time, there's no room to skimp on the proofing!

In showing you the differences between versions of documents, this tip will help save time to ensure you're proofing properly to check all changes have been made correctly. We can already hear the claps of excitement (we cheered for joy!)  

Adobe PDF (the paid version) has a feature that is highly under-utilised. The app has the wonderful ability to scan two documents side by side and create a report showing you what has (or hasn't) changed. And the best part... it shows you visually.  

  1. Compare two versions - a highlight bar helps you quickly spot all text and image differences between PDFs.
  2. Review differences - see what’s been added, deleted and modified at a glance in an easy-to-scan results summary.
  3. Visualise changes - easily move through documents using side-by-side or single-page views.
  4. Choose your filter - view only the changes you need to check. Filter by image, text, annotations or formatting.

How to compare two PDF files.

Within Acrobat, choose Tools > Compare Files.

pdf compare tool.jpg
pdf compare tool2.jpg
pdf compare tool3.jpg
pdf compare tool4.jpg
pdf compare tool5.jpg

You can visually see the differences between the two files, cutting your proofing time in half. Hurrah!!

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