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5 easy steps to ensuring your brand’s digital experience is better than your local hipster cafe’s Instagram feed.

First thing’s first, what’s a digital experience?

Whether it’s a website, social media channel or even a news article, a digital experience is any touch point someone has with your brand online. There’s a high chance that if someone is a fan of your brand they’re going to search and follow you online. If they’re researching your brand, they’re going to stalk you online.

We've put together 5 easy steps to help you ensure your brand’s digital experience is engaging, exciting and fun.

1 - Why are you posting?

Every post you make MUST have a reason.
What is the objective of the post?
Who is it targeted to? Are you B2C or B2B? Do you want to increase sales or straight up awareness?
What is the message you’re wanting to convey?
Why are you posting this piece of content?

If you can answer all of those questions easily, then post away my friend!

2 - Image is everything

Forget all the rules about outer beauty not being important, because in this case, outer beauty is everything! Make sure you only ever post high quality images, that they reflect your brand and they’re exciting!

Images that look good will entice engagement and if you can get someone to like, comment on or share one of your images, the hard part is done. Don’t be scared to post photos, either. They get far more engagement than purely text-based posts.


3 - Make it pretty!

Further to the above, the aesthetic layout of your social channels and website is probably more important than time of day posting.

Whether we realise it or not, we subconsciously and immediately decide if a website, Facebook page or Instagram account is worth our time based on how it looks. Layout, colours and filters are your best friend. Think about how the images work next to each other, whether you want your overarching look to be bright and happy, dark and mysterious or maybe somewhere comfortably in between.

Think about your favourite motivational, fitspo, home decor or fashion accounts. Guaranteed they’re a pleasing time on the eye. Draw inspiration here!


4 - Time is money!

Time is literally money and the time of day that you post will absolutely determine how many eyes you get and therefore how much engagement you receive.

5 - Think about what you’re saying

Remember when we were little and we were told to watch our manners and think before we speak? It’s all been leading to this moment…

Every piece of content you post should have a purpose and the copy needs to short, sharp and to the point. People don’t have time to read a novel, so get your point across in as few words as possible, always refer back to your brand’s tone of voice and remember… great spelling and grammar is sexy!


How a Digital Strategy Can Save Your Business

A digital strategy doesn’t always mean marketing or awareness, it’s literally a strategy around the digital positioning of your business. At JSD Agency our work goes beyond the realm of design. We work with small, medium and large-scale business to create and refresh brand identities, build websites and create beautiful brand design pieces, but each piece of content comes with a discussion around strategy.

In understanding a company’s vision for its brand, we work with teams to strategise


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