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5 Great Examples of Brand Guidelines

Brand Identity Guidelines provide staff, consultants and designers guidance on the fundamental building blocks of a brand and how they are to be applied to various communications. These can include, but not limited to:

  • Vision
  • Logo
  • Colour
  • Type
  • Design devices
  • Photography
  • Tone of voice
  • Applications

Guidelines ensure all staff understand the brand values, which ensures consistency and further strengthens the brand. It’s always good to get staff input on what is and isn’t working as, and given your clients are ultimately the ones engaging with your brand, you should get their feedback, too!

It’s a good time to revisit your brand and ask some questions:

  • When was the last time you used it?

  • Is the brand inline with your 2018 business objectives?

  • Do you need to update your marketing collateral?

  • Does it include a digital specific guideline section?

  • How do you track your brands footprint and keep the guidelines up to date?

Here are a variety of 5 guideline examples, they demonstrate various levels of detail and thought on how the brands are used (and not to be used!), applied to a range of collateral.

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Simple, refined and to the point.

Bold colours and instructions with humour adds personality to the guidelines to make them enjoyable to read.

A detailed web based guideline which is required for a large global company of this size. Nicely written with an approachable tone of voice.

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Commbank Web
Commonwealth Bank have probably the most recognisable logo and are great at promoting themselves as Australia’s most approachable bank without having to say it!

A good example demonstrating the various online assets making it easy for staff to brief consultants and designers to follow for design guidance.


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