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The need for social innovation in Australia

I firmly believe we need more social innovation in Australia.

Over the last week I've spent time in San Francisco and been attending a range of talks as part of SF Design Week. It's struck me how there have been a number of talks about how innovative technology and the "start- up" culture is connecting people but at the same time I also observe and listen to people who live in SF that this same culture and technology is disconnecting people.

1 bed apartments cost nearly $1,000 per week, there are over 7,000 homeless in the city and only 1,000 beds to house them. SF is know for its gay culture and the people who helped create this creative, quirky culture now can't even afford to live in the area they helped create.

Over the last several years we're hearing these challenges developing in our cities closer to home and in particular Sydney. 

I understand that cities evolve and I for one have a real passion and love seeing this happen. But cities need to be accountable and support the people that are not so wealthy who have helped create these amazing places that drive tourism and generate revenue for the city.

This article is addressing some of the issues that are currently overwhelming SF and I think important that its on our radar in Australia.

Let me know what you think.