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What is UX and why should you care?

UX is the commonly used term for User Experience design and is a detailed process focused on understanding the way your audience will use or, does use, your product, website or app. It involves research, investigation, surveys, planning, sketching and wireframing, revising, discussing, further interviews, revising ideas and applying a business mind (but not graphic designing) to make sure you have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

If it seems like a lot of work - it is! But during a detailed UX process, a project is taken through important steps that businesses often neglect or bypass when getting a product to market. When this process is skipped it frequently results in additional costs and resources with further time needed to resolve issues due to poor user experience and little consultation.

Scroll down to see sample of an app project being taken through the UX process.

How JSD helps our clients through the UX process is by:

  • Planning
  • Engaging with the users and target audience through surveys and research
  • Creating personas
  • Obtaining data to analyse it in the right way and improve the user experience
  • Establishing the business and user objectives
  • Sketching the product and creating user flows
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Creating wireframes, prototyping and completing usability testing
  • Designing the User Interface (UI)

We can apply some or all of the above stages to your website, app or digital project from inception to delivery.

It's really important to remember that once a project is delivered, it's never finished. A range of tasks continue to take place including content updates, enhancements to keep up to date with technology changes, search marketing to bring in customers and A/B testing to see how content placement improves engagement.

Why should you care? By going through the UX process, you'll get valuable insight for your product, website or app leading to improved engagement and generate leads and sales.  

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Below is a sample of an app project going through the above process.